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The Downtown Springfield Family FunFest started out as a simple idea: children and families. With an incredibly vibrant downtown Springfield festival scene, there wasn't one that was designed specifically for children and families. We couldn't understand how that could be! So we decided to start the first. This festival is geared towards family-friendly entertainment that will be unique and an incredibly fun time for the entire family.

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The Downtown Springfield Family FunFest isn't just an excuse to get together and have a ton of fun! The FunFest is also a chance for all of us to come together for the best cause of all: protecting our children. 100% of the profits from the FunFest go to the various programs and trainings offered by Prevent Child Abuse Illinois throughout the state. These funds will help these programs reach even further and gets to the people and professionals that need them most. Together we can end child abuse in Illinois. And at the FunFest, we can have a ton of fun while we're doing it!

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